Experienced Piscataway, NJ Traffic Violation Attorney Protects Your License

Capable representation for DUI and other municipal court proceedings

Most Americans interacting with the judicial system go to hearings in their local municipal court. A practicing lawyer in New Jersey since 1996, Michael Otto has the legal acumen needed to represent individuals in municipal court cases related to traffic violations, drivers' license suspensions, DUIs, and other infractions. He can also help you file for a record expungement in the municipal court system. If you face charges in municipal court, trust a firm with more than 14 years of experience in cases throughout Middlesex, Union, Somerset and Morris counties. Our municipal court clients find us to be:

  • Ethical — The court and prosecutors respect us as honest brokers for our client’s interests.
  • Compassionate — We understand how certain infractions, like DUI, can be humiliating for you and can jeopardize your livelihood and your home life.
  • Dedicated — We perform due diligence to uncover any facts that might help us limit the damage done by your arrest.
  • Experienced — We’ve practiced municipal court defense for years, and we have a positive, professional relationship with court personnel, including clerks, judges and prosecutors.

Piscataway DUI and traffic violation attorney defends your driving privileges

A DUI conviction can mean jail time, stiff fines and the loss of your license. Similar penalties apply to certain reckless driving charges. In the counties we represent in central New Jersey, few residents can continue to make a living if they lose their driver’s license.

Even a speeding ticket can result in points added to your license, which translates into higher insurance premiums. If you take the time to calculate all you stand to lose from your traffic infraction, you’ll find it pays to have a capable traffic violation lawyer for your court appearance in Piscataway and the vicinity.

If you’ve already lost your license, we can help you fulfill the requirements for a reinstatement or a restricted license that allows you to drive to work or to school. If you have a municipal court conviction that hampers your career prospects, we can help get your record expunged.

Contact a seasoned Piscataway DUI and traffic violation lawyer

The Law Office of Michael P. Otto provides highly professional defense representation for drivers accused of DUI, speeding, reckless driving and other violations throughout Middlesex, Union, Somerset and Morris counties. Mr. Otto is available in the evening and on weekends when necessary. Call 732-819-7000 or contact us online to arrange your free consultation.