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Manageable plans to maintain loving relationships after divorce

The most difficult divorce issues to resolve usually are not about property, they’re about the amount and quality of time you get to spend with your children. Given today’s hectic lifestyle, parenting time is hard to come by, even in intact families. After divorce, scheduling becomes doubly complicated. That’s why it’s so important to have a manageable custody and support plan in place even before your divorce is finalized. For more than 14 years, the Law Office of Michael P. Otto has helped divorcing parents balance their parental rights with the needs of the other parent and the best interests of their children to achieve mutually beneficial settlements. Our clients throughout Middlesex, Union, Somerset and Morris counties find that we are:

  • Ethical –The guiding principle for child support, custody and visitation is “the best interest of the child.” Our firm never employs tactics or pursues ends that would be contrary to your children’s health and welfare.
  • Compassionate — Our family-oriented law firm appreciates a parent’s right to maintain a meaningful and loving relationship with his or her children.
  • Dedicated — We’re committed to the hard work required to ensure fairness in your child support, custody and visitation orders.
  • Experienced — Our years of representing divorced parents have informed us about the pitfalls that complicate issues touching on children of divorce, so we are prepared to offer solutions to fit just about any situation.

Child custody and visitation attorney in Piscataway, NJ upholds parental rights

New Jersey law recognizes two important principles: 1) a parent has a right to a meaningful and loving relationship with his or her children, and 2) such a relationship is not always possible. So, the court presumes that contact with you and your soon-to-be ex is good for your kids, but either of you can rebut that presumption with evidence that parental contact can be harmful to the child. Since any divorce can become acrimonious, it’s important to retain a family lawyer who is prepared to fight in court for your parental rights.

New Jersey child custody, support and visitation explained

Child custody can be sole or joint and is divided into two separate rights: legal custody, which is the authority to make decisions on the child’s health and welfare, and physical custody, which is the responsibility to provide shelter, food, clothing and other basic needs. Whenever one parent exercises more physical custody, the other parent pays some amount of support to compensate the custodial parent. (The court can also order payment of support when the earnings of the parents are unequal) The court considers several factors under the New Jersey state child support guidelines when making an order for child support. When one parent does not have physical custody, he or she can petition the court for visitation or parenting time to maintain a healthy relationship. For further details about your rights, consult a qualified divorce lawyer in Piscataway.

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